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Work with Me

Drawing on my experience as a writer, actor, educator, and arts program manager, I work with individuals in the following capacities: 

​Editing and Coaching

  • Editorial Services: From developmental edits to line edits, I offer a variety of editorial services to help authors build and polish their manuscripts. Visit Angelella Editorial to find out more. 

  • manuscript consultation: For a less intensive process than editing, I offer partial and full reads of manuscripts with an eye to big-picture details. Visit StoryStudio Chicago to find out more. 

  • Author Coaching: From concept to a complete first draft of a manuscript in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions, I help authors fully realize their stories. Visit Angelella Editorial or StoryStudio Chicago to find out more. 

  • Live Presentation Consultation: With a combination of author and acting coaching, I provide a close read of material and consult on how best to present material intended for a live presentation. Visit Angelella Editorial to find out more. 



  • Curriculum development: Using my background in arts integration, arts education, and aesthetic education, I work with writers and educators to bring the arts into classrooms. Contact me for more details. 

  • Arts program development: With a focus on both aligning with an organization's mission and the communities served, I consult with organizations through all parts of program development, from initial concept through the piloting of the program. Contact me for more details. 

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