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Plot Your Novel with the Three-Act Structure

Wednesday, July 26th through Wednesday, August 23rd 

**Zoom meetings Tuesdays from 7-8:30pm ET, beginning August 1st

Location: Online through

Plotting a novel can be a daunting task, one that leaves our hands sweaty and makes us reconsider why we chose to write one in the first place. By studying the classic three-act structure and its use throughout storytelling forms, we can make that task a little lighter and find new ways to bring our stories to life.

In this class, we will explore the acts of the three-act structure in detail. Each week we will cover an act from the three-act structure in-depth, providing the opportunity to learn about and discuss the structure one act at a time. In between classes, you will apply the lesson to your own story and build your outline in stages. You will also learn about how the main points of the three-act structure are connected and intertwined with your protagonist’s character or emotional arc, and how to up the stakes at each stage of the plot arc.

Open to fiction writers at any stage in the drafting process. 

Sign up for Plotting with the Three-Act Structure here


Crafting YA Characters

Tuesday, August 29th from 6:30-8:30pm CT

Location: Online through StoryStudio Chicago

When writing young adult characters, it’s easy to fall into teen angst stereotypes and impose overt morals on a story. These pitfalls can turn readers off, preventing them from reading more than a few chapters before putting the book down.

This workshop will provide a better understanding of the essential elements and challenges that go into crafting young adult characters and writing YA. By examining how backstory, relationships, and setting shape character motivation, we’ll explore how to achieve authenticity and create believable teen characters without being too simplistic or talking down to readers.

This workshop will also include generative writing exercises to help dig deep into your YA characters.

Open to fiction writers at any stage in the drafting process. 

Sign up for Crafting YA Characters here

teaching artistry

As an arts education youth teaching artist, I specialize in: 

  • arts integration (with a specific focus on literature curriculum)

  • arts education

  • aesthetic education

  • social and emotional learning

  • Common Core Standards

  • partner teaching

  • program development

  • arts outreach and access

Interested in working with me to create a curriculum or consult on an arts-based program? Contact me for more details

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